How is lack of sleep a health problem? 

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How is lack of sleep a health problem? 

Many people may have sacrificed time to sleep or rest in order to watch. Their favorite series. or clear the project or outstanding work and tell yourself. That Go have some coffee or an energy drink in the morning It can help get rid of sleepiness. But in the medical point that Those behaviors are among the ones that negatively affect our health.

First, not getting enough rest will result in you feeling tired and exhausted all the time. Studying without knowing Reduced focus on work, forgetfulness, or even irritability. These are just the short-term effects of inadequate rest.

As for the long-term effects ranging from sexual dysfunction prematurely aging face Until causing the risk of the following diseases at UFABET.

It’s okay Let me clear things up a bit more. sleep soon Tomorrow, use coffee as a helper.

  • heart disease, such as heart disease, acute heart failure, or  heart arrhythmias
  • hypertension If not taken care of properly and promptly. May negatively affect various important organs of the body such as  the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes  and  blood vessels .
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • diabetes

For those who do not know if they are experiencing this problem or not. See if you feel drowsy while doing the following activities.

  • while watching TV or read a book
  • while meeting or in the classroom
  • sit down and talk to someone
  • Sit still after eating lunch.
  • Parked at a red light

All of these are just part of the symptoms of insufficient sleep.

But when is it time to sleep? Can’t sleep every time 

The deduction method may be a method that many people tend to use. It means going to bed early in the day. This method might work. Maybe it won’t work. which in most cases It tends to be in the latter way. Otherwise, the deduction of going to bed early in the evening often ends up making it harder for the body to fall asleep causing him to sleep later than usual Let’s take a look at these sustainable ways. What to do to become a light sleeper and go to bed on time

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • in the part of the holiday Try not to have time to go to bed or time to wake up. It was more than 1 hour late than usual.
  • An hour before bedtime, try to avoid touching your phone or watching TV.
  • You shouldn’t eat heavy meals. (Snacks are nothing) and immediately go to bed. Should allow the body to digest for 1-2 hours before
  • Avoid caffeine and smoking. Because both of these can affect sleep. Especially caffeine (soft drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate) until it wears off. It takes up to 8 hours. A good way after noon. Products that contain caffeine should not be consumed.
  • exercise regularly consistent every day
  • The atmosphere in the bedroom should be quiet, cool and dark. for people who are afraid of ghosts Dim lights can be turned on.
  • take a warm shower

Taking a nap during the day results in making the body more energetic. But for people who have trouble falling asleep at night should be avoided or should not sleep during the day in the evening The optimal time for daytime naps should not exceed 20 minutes.

Not enough rest It is also the reason for being easily irritated. 

Recent research from Iowa State University reported that the cause of irritability is easy. It is associated with inadequate rest. The researchers spent two nights in the experiment, dividing volunteers into two groups. The first group had a regular sleep schedule. while the other group was cut off from 2-4 hours of sleep. The research team led two groups of volunteers to listen to the brown noise. (relaxing sounds) and white noise. (annoying sound) as a result, it appears that Most of the complaints came from groups whose sleep time was almost completely cut off. It is clear that not enough rest That is the cause of the mood swings. or even sad mood These symptoms will diminish happiness and excitement in life.

How much is consider “enough”?

ageRecommended number of hours per day
4-12 months12-16 hours (including naps)
1-2 years11-14 hours (including nap time)
 3-5 years10-13 hours (including nap time))
 6-12 years old9-12 hours
 13-18 years8-10 hours
18+7–8 hours

There are many advantages of having enough sleep as well. Including helping to lose weight or build muscle of the body. Helps to increase concentration in work It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the immune system as well. Combined with eating enough food from the 5 food groups and exercising Rest is another indispensable factor if you want to have a healthy body.