Japan Train Lunch Day Ekiben Taste Travel with Satisfaction

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Japan Train Lunch Day Ekiben Taste Travel with Satisfaction.

April 10 of each year Japan has designate. It as “Ekiben Day” or Japan’s train lunch box day. that invites everyone to experience happiness Not just a full stomach. It is a delight from the fascinating culture of Japan. Through different flavors from tasting food in each box of each region throughout Japan as well.

The origin of the train lunch box Or. What Japanese people call ekiben, comes from two words “Eki” and “Bento” Eki means station and bento means lunch box. Which children often bring to school to eat. Or people carry it to eat at work

For Japanese people, ekiben is not just a delicious bento box. Normal to eat on the train Since the late 19th century. Japanese people have known to combine the joys of traveling with fine dining, and train bentos have long been a part of Japan’s glamorous train culture.

Otaku, or a fanatic who is crazy about tasting train bento along various routes in Japan, says. That while traveling in search of delicious bento of each region. It’s already a very tempting happiness. But eating a train lunch while enjoying the scenery while moving along. This is the ultimate taste of train travel. Support by UFABET

The origin of “Ekiben” or train lunch day on April 10

What is clear is the existence of Japan’s first railway line. It opened in October 1872, running between Shimbashi Station from Tokyo. Arrive at Yokohama Station As for the origin or origin of train bento or ekiben, there are many theories and controversies about where and when Japan first started selling ekiben.

Some theories believe that began in the Kansai region in 1877, but the most widely believed is that The first ekiben was sold to train passengers at Utsunomiya Station. Tochigi Prefecture In July 1885, the original ekiben consisted of two rice balls. Served with a couple of pickles. wrapped in bamboo sheath for easy portability and long journeys

Although in the past, July 16 was designated as a day to commemorate. because it is widely believed that Ekiben was first sold at the aforementioned Utsunomiya Station. But after the information stated that There and here they sell first. In addition, in July, when the weather is quite hot, the rice box spoils quickly.

While the beginning of April is the start of the Japanese tourism season. 

Especially the cherry blossom festival in various places. And it’s when people use trains to travel a lot. It was the time when Ekiben sold the best in the year, so in 1993, Japan set a new date for April 10 as the day of Ekiben. or Ekiben Day

As for buying a train lunch box to eat In the past, people could buy from people peddling along platforms. The seller carries a large wooden tray around the neck of the bento to present to the passengers sitting on the train. But when high-speed trains were developed and the windows of the train are closed making it impossible to communicate and trade with each other There are even some stations that are famous for their. The tradition of peddling still remains. But selling changed from walking through the window of a train set up as stalls and shops