Use music to navigate, find accommodations with playlists. “tired for a while”

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Use music to navigate, find accommodations with playlists. “tired for a while”

Would be good If we have searched for a good atmosphere in travel this summer From the hit songs from the playlist. that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of accommodation that we like Until the origin of the collaboration between two brands that are in the lifestyle of the new generation like Spotify and Airbnb.

According to UFABET, Spotify’s Head of Music for Asia, 70% of teens around the world believe that music is therapeutic. And can relieve stress, therefore joining hands with the accommodation booking platform Airbnb to create a promotion campaign for booking accommodation

Airbnb General Manager Southeast Asia, added: This partnership will inspire Thais to travel to indulge in music-filled wellness tourism, with Airbnb participating in the playlist. “Let’s Get Some Rest” (Let’s Get Some Rest) with popular songs on Spotify and Airbnb brought to the list of accommodation called Here are 5 places to stay in Thailand from the playlist. “tired for a while”


believe that many people when faced with stress Find a way to relieve yourself from that state. One way to feel better is to listen. Many people enjoy listening to music. because it makes it fun and enjoyable. But did you know that in addition to helping to relieve stress? Adjust your mood and mind. It also has a good effect on the brain as well. Today we have health information about the benefits of listening. That some people may not know yet.

  • increase exercise efficiency listening to fun rhythmic music It will help stimulate blood circulation. resulting in a healthy heart and can generate motivation during exercise
  • relax stress make a good mood Because music has a profound effect on the body and increases positivity. Reduces stress and anxiety helps the body relax Resulting in a better mental state
  • Sleep well, improve sleep quality Insomnia is caused by brain activity. When we are stressed, our brainwaves have a higher frequency. As a result, the brain does not stop thinking or cannot sleep. Music can help change your brainwaves. Listening to music playing softly, slowly, without vocals like classical will result in decreased heart rate make sleep.
  • concentrate on work when listening to will relax your mind It can help us focus on things better.
  • brain teaser Listening to music will make the left and right brain work fully. Because the music will make the listener unleash their imagination. and thoughts come out Of course, it’s good for the right brain. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the left brain as well.

I can’t believe that listening to music can have such health benefits. Whether it’s mental, emotional, intellectual and memory, then pick up the and listen to it to enhance good health.