Pokdeng makes you rich .

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Pokdeng makes you rich by playing poker or bouncing online. There will be a very easy way to play similarly because of the online bounce system. It is based on playing Pokdeng. In fact the rules will have one person who will be the dealer. New games come up by  ทางเข้า UFABET

There may be many people who are players. All players can only measure cards against the owner. As for the face of the card. There will be many types. Elder cards, some poker, triangular cards, arranged cards, master cards.

Pokdeng and there are 13 faces of cards, namely A / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / J / Q / K, the cards J / Q / K will It counts as a score of 0 / 10, or blind. Each numbered card has 4 patterns, namely, Spade / Heart / Club / Diamond.

If two cards are less than 3 or three. Another card drawn. Four or more points can drawn or not drawn. Depending on the player’s risk. Pok Eight and Pok Nine cannot drawn more. If two cards the same suit are counted as doubles.

For example bet 100 baht win will increase 200 baht. If three cards of the same suit. Will pay three times, for example bet 100 baht, winning will get an additional 300 baht.

Why do poker cards bounce?

Pokdeng is a card game. That has with Thai people for a long time. Ask anyone who knows because it is a popular game. Most of the players will go to the funeral. According to the casino So there’s a huge risk of getting caught. So we figured out the game.

Pokdeng online up so that gamblers not have to risk getting caught. Can be play on both computers and mobile phones. Can play anywhere long there is internet Earn money easily without the risk of getting caught.

How do you see if you win or lose?

Pokdeng Easy way to see if we win or lose. which card is smaller which card is bigger For any gambler who does not yet know Now let’s learn together, let’s go and see.

  • The number one big card is Pok Nine. (There will be only two cards in hand. which totals 9 points) will win every card. If Pok Kao is the same, it is always. no one loses
  • The next rank will be poker eights. (There will be two cards in the hand. that totals 8 points) will lose only Pok 9 only If Pok Eight, we will always And we will win any card other than Pok Eight and Pok Nine.
  • Third place is Tong. Three cards are the same three cards, win 5 times, for example bet 100 baht. If you get a triple card, you will win an additional 500 baht. The triple card will win all types of cards that are not Pok Eight and Pok Nine.
  • Fourth place will be flush cards. Also known as straight flush. It will three cards arrange in a row with the same color or flower. Will win all types of cards except flush cards that have a higher point than Tong, Pok Eight and Pok Nine, pay 4 times, such as bet 100 baht. If winning, will get an additional 400 baht.
  • The fifth place will be the cards in order. It doesn’t even have to be the same flower. Will win all types of cards except Pok Nine, Pok Eight, Tong, Flush and arranged cards with higher points will pay 3 times, such as a bet of 100 baht, if winning will receive an additional 300 baht
  • The sixth place will be a master card or a yellow card. There are 3 cards in this style, out of which three will be J / Q / K. The three cards may be JJQ / JJK / JQQ / JKK. It wins all types of cards except Pok Nine, Pok Eight, Tong, Flush. and arranged cards will pay 3 times, for example bet 100 baht, winning will get an additional 300 baht
  • The last rank will be a normal card. May be blind or 0 points / 1 point / 2 points / 3 points / 4 points / 5 points / 6 points / 7 points / 8 points / 9 points (8 points and 9 points will only be three cards ) will lose Pok Nine, Pok Eight, Three, Flush, Sort, Master and Higher Points. If the points are equal, it will be a draw. and will win the cards with less points