Techniques for playing gourds crabs fish how to play for money

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Techniques for playing gourds crabs fish how to play for money

   playing gourds, crabs, fish There is a play style similar to playing Hi-Lo. The device is a dice that is used to throw 3 balls to predict the outcome. But the gourds, crabs, fish It is different in that there are symbols in the form of animals such as frogs, chickens, shrimps, crabs, fish and gourds that represent colors and points. And there are different pay rates, sure enough. Will introduce 8 techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish. How to play to get money at UFABET for everyone if we have a technique to play use in the analysis It will increase the chances that we can easily win bets. Then let’s go and see that What techniques are there?

8 techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish how to play for money

1. Techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish , choosing colors

     The first technique is the color selection technique. It is a technique that gamblers like to use. In which before betting, you must look at the colors on the images of different animals, which colors will be released most often, then choose to bet on that color at all. Each color has a different payout rate, so let’s choose to bet on at least 2 colors. Look at the direction of the game. In what way? and then analyze in the next round which color should be painted because the game will issue all the same color at the same time There is a very small chance that the color can be divided into 3 colors as follows.

     The fish and chicken are red.

     Crab and shrimp are green.

     The gourd and tiger image are blue.

2.   Techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish , repeated stabbing consecutively

     The next technique that we will introduce is the technique of repeating consecutive stabbings, sure enough, this type of technique. The gambler will choose to use it only when he feels that The result of the original design game very often or the same design 2 times in a row or more, then choose to bet on this result again. because believe There is a chance it will happen again in the next round. Making techniques is another way that may increase the chances of winning bets for us.

3. Favorite betting technique

     Let’s come together at the third technique with the favorite betting technique (single) is a bet that The result will be the same color. similar to technique one And when the result comes out exactly as the bet goes, if out 1 number pays 1 times: 2 out of 2 pays 2 times: out 3 numbers pays 3 times: such as a player bet on “Tiger” 100 baht if the result is “Tiger” “Tiger” ” “Fish”, the player will receive 200 baht, sure enough.

4. Techniques for playing gourds, crabs, fish , Tod style

     The fourth technique is tod bet (double) in which we will analyze the pattern of the dice in the round of betting. When the player bets on the table (pair) and the result is exactly as bet, pays 5 times such as “Crab” “Tiger” amount of 100 baht. If the dice roll is “Crab” “Tiger” “Chicken”, the player will receive. 500 baht. Let’s go.

5. Should avoid going down 3 times

     Fifth technique, we should avoid the 3x bet even if the bet is multiple. Must get the money back many times as well, but that is in the event that we predict correctly But would it be better? If we try to avoid placing a triple bet or a triple bet because of this type of betting. There will be a very low reimbursement rate, sure enough.

6. Manage your money while playing.

     We have arrived at the sixth technique. This technique, if in that round does not match the one we chose to bet on at all. In the next round let’s add the bet according to the formula n + 1. For example: In the first round, we bet 10 baht and all bets are wrong. In the next round, let us add to 20 baht, but if the next round we guessed correctly is at 30 baht, the next round will be down to 30 baht as usual. do not add amount And if we lose money more than 2 times in a row, we should stop playing first. In order not to waste more money than that.

7. Know the Advantage Rate

     Seventh technique We must know the advantage rate. because this is considered It’s a very basic thing that every gambler needs to know. Although the service provider website gives us the opportunity to bet at a special price. however We need to be profitable, right? The payout rate of gourds, crabs, fish will vary according to each website.

8. Check the statistics of the past results

     and the last technique We have to check the statistics of the results of the past. to analyze the bets in the next round which holds this technique will be another help in placing bets We have to check the statistical data of the results of the past in the previous rounds that we have played most often. In order to make a decision to stab gourds, crabs, fish better, sure enough, because the results of the previous round have the right to come back out again in the next round. Making statistical analysis is another technique that gamblers use as well.