Demba Ba reveals how important the goal

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Demba Ba reveals how important the goal lost in Liverpool’s 2014 title win is important

Ex- Chelsea striker Demba Ba has opened up about his goal. Liverpool Football Club in 2014 after Steven Gerjard’s slip caused the Reds to lose the English Premier League football championship.

Red Machine at that time compete for the championship with Manchester City until the end of the season by navy blue lion It was a rival in match 36. Where goals from Demba Ba and Willian led the Blues to a 2-0 victory at Anfield, only runners-up in that season.

“I only came to realize how important the goal was a few years later. When people were still talking about it,” Ba told The Athletic, before stating what happen. It’s part of football and doesn’t feel guilty about it report by UFABET.

“No (no offense) because it’s a game. You make a mistake and people take advantage of it. What Steven Gerrard has done in football is excellent. But this is the real world. It’s unfortunate, not everything has a happy ending.”

In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool have a chance to win the Premier League. because leading the crowd until the end of the season But in the home game against Chelsea, Gerrard slipped and the ball came in the way Demba Ba took the ball to hit the net and that game, Liverpool lost 0-2, which became an important turning point that made Reds win the championship And finally, Manchester City won that year.