Evra was wrong about not speaking.

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Evra reveals he was wrong about not speaking to his former Manchester United teammate for 3 months until Fergie had to mediate

Patrice Evra, former left-back Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football

Evra and Vidic played together for the Red Devils, revealing that he had a misunderstanding with former team-mate Nemanja Vidic at Old Trafford three months after the altercation. Winning five top-flight league titles and one UEFA Champions League title, the Frenchman revealed that tensions between the two forced Sir Alex Ferguson, at the time, to move for Rio Ferdinand to play. The left centre-back, to separate him and Vidic,

“we came together and had a difficult time together,” Evra told Manchester United’s official website. Those were able and we both had difficult early times together.”

“The manager put us in the reserve team coached by Rene (Mullenstein) after the first 45 minutes of the game. He substituted us off the pitch. In the game of the reserve team In the dressing room, Vida told me, ‘Our agent called. We have to go back to Moscow, my agent as well. He called to say that there was interest from Roma and that I had

“To be honest, we fought together. we fight each other too It kept us from talking together for 3 months.”

We played together. But didn’t say a single word together. I never told him which way to run. As with his attitude towards me. Ferguson had to swap with Rio Ferdinand on the left with me.

“It was like that for about three months until. After the game one day. He walked into the dressing room and high five with me. Everyone was relieved from that. Because we were each other’s best friends. We went through profound stories together.”