Guru suggests Solskjaer uses Ronaldo

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Guru suggests Solskjaer uses Ronaldo as the center of the offensive game to solve Manchester United’s stiff form.

Former Premier League star Darren Ambrose has given his views on Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in Manchester United’s recent 4-0 defeat by Leicester City. 2 It’s because Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasn’t used him correctly, according to talkSPORT.

The Red Devils team did not win anyone in the league for the third game in a row, as well as the Portuguese striker who failed to score goals for the team in the latter part, which Ambrose considers the Norwegian coach. The 36-year-old will have to use the strengths of the 36-year-old star to build a team to return to a good form of play.

“At the moment it looks like they’re taking a step back. The last three Premier League games against Aston Villa, Everton and Leicester City have only taken one point. This is not the style of Manchester United.”

“Even in the later years in the Jose Mourinho era, things like this never happened. I don’t know what went wrong there. They signed Jadon Sancho for £73m, bought Rafael Varane for almost £50m and got Ronaldo in if you don’t build a forward with Ronaldo at the center. He might not be able to play.”

“He had a bad game. Take a look at the Portuguese national team. They built a team with Ronaldo at the center, but now United are not taking advantage of anyone’s strengths,” said Ambrose.