‘Gusto’ admits he’s not surprised by the Singha’s poor form 

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Malo Gusto admits he is not surprised by Chelsea’s lackluster form at the moment. After being told the team’s current project needs Chelsea’s time at the head . They dropped to the bottom before regaining form and finishing in 12th place last season. They added 12 players to the team, along with new manager Mauricio Pochettino. 

Coming to add fuel to the team’s hope in reversing the club’s current situation. However, their reinforcements this past summer were still unable to make an impact on the team.

Chelsea is ranked 11th in the table, having won only 3 matches out of 8 games they played, while Sto, who is one of the players who joined this summer After signing a contract with Chelsea in January.

Before being released on loan to his former agency, Lyon. has revealed that the team’s current form is not surprising. And confirm that the situation will improve as the season progresses. “Before signing with a big club like Chelsea, you have to think and tell yourself the situation of the team,” he told RMC Sport. “It’s not unusual.  สมัคร ufabet

The management team has informed me that it will be a long-term project that will take time to develop. Go slowly, bit by bit. together with the team We are trying to build a team that will move forward together and bring Chelsea back to where they deserve to be and win trophies in every competition,” he added. Gusto has the opportunity to be a starter for the team . Continuously started as the starting 11 for the team in 5 matches this season.

After Reece James, right-back, captain of the team, had an injury. He might be able to create more results for himself. But following a red card in the last game, a 2-0 loss to Aston Villa, which resulted in him being banned for two matches, Gusto was rewarded for his impressive form in the Premier League by being named Joined the French national team in place of Jules Kounde who was injured and had to withdraw.