Maguire reveals the atmosphere in the dressing

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Maguire reveals the atmosphere in the dressing room at half-time as Manchester United beat Atalanta 3-2

Harry Maguire, centre-back Manchester United. gave an interview to reveal the atmosphere in the dressing room at halftime at Old Trafford as the Red Devils defeated Atalanta 3-2 in the UEFA Champions League. league Wednesday night, the

Red Devils were 2-0 down just before half-time and have missed out on many golden opportunities to score.

But the England defender insists the team are still. confident that the team will come back to win. despite falling behind defenders to score the second time

, “We knew the game well played. We were disappointed as the side slipped 2-0 with two golden misses from set play and a free-kick. But other than that, we can create good chances,” Maguire said in an interview.

“We had three or four more chances and we knew. that if we continued to accelerate. we could create more good opportunities. They play fearlessly and are an attacking team. We know the next goal will decide the game. It was a perfect second-half performance culminating in Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning goal.”

Expensive defender Harry Maguire england national team From the Red Devils, Manchester United admitted that he was very excited. To get into the field in the game to meet the Golden Spurs chicken. Tottenham Hotspur, which is an important match to win the top four. at the end of this season