Owen Predicts Scores last Premier League game: Man City

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Owen Predicts + Scores in last Premier League game: Man City vs Aston Villa

Michael Owen, former White King footballer Predict the results of the English Premier League match. The final match of the season between Manchester City vs Aston Villa, ready to put the score to win the end.

“Actually, Manchester City should have closed off their Premier League title list from last week. But he missed a near-lost draw against West Ham and Riyad Mahrez didn’t score a penalty,” Owen told UFABET.

“However, Pep Guardiola’s youngsters are known for their strong performances at home. Plus two attackers like Kevin De Bruyne & Bernardo Silva are also in peak form, so no matter what angle you look at them. This Sunday night, the result must come out to win only.” Ready to put the score to win the end

“Aston Villa is, in fact, a high-quality team especially. After Steven Gerrard took over as manager. That’s why people from Liverpool have little hope that a miracle will happen.”

“But from my point of view, if Villa would cause the most problems for Man City. It would just be less shots than expect. But still, I can’t resist the strength of the future champion.”