Rafa admits he was very proud of Everton

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Rafa admits he was very proud of Everton players who scored points at Manchester United.

Rafael Benitez’s team Everton , said he was proud of the team is very capable of breaking collected 1 point from Manchester United in the battle Premier League games, the latest report from. evertonfc.com

Andros Townsend equalized for the visitors in the 65th minute after being led at half-time by Anthony Martial’s stunning goal, and they were close. A second goal late in the game before being forfeited by VAR offside gave Elbos’ team an admirable split.

“I’m very pleased that we came here and performed as we did. We were almost there, we were even close to winning. From the chances we had and the way we defensively played against such a strong team. You have to be proud of these players.”

“It’s always been good. It feels like we’ve won for the players who didn’t play today. But if we have all the players ready to go on the field and still play with a team spirit like this We will be able to win more as well.”

“Hopefully we can get some players back but make sure we can keep the same attitude, determination and intensity. Then we slowly moved forward one step at a time. and developed in this season Then let’s see what happens next. ”according to a report from ‘ufabet