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  • Townsend: Premier League must find a way to finish the season

Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend wants the Premier League to continue until the end of the season. After his team is having a chance to go to European football next season.

The Premier League will discuss the remainder of the competition on Thursday. After having to postpone because of the Covid-19 outbreak
There were earlier concerns. That league games might be cut off. However, UEFA’s newly-promoted tournament Euro 2020 kicked off next year, making a European leagues are back in the race to finish in the summer if the virus is not terrible than this
Townsend himself as someone who would. Let the top league of the elite compete until the end of the season.
“No matter what. This season has to the end. There are many different things depending on the tournament’s two sponsors, proceeds from the live event, the promise of a bonus, “said Townsend gave an interview to talk sports
” fans had paid up to a year away and clans. Watching the ball through Sky and BT and stuff like that.”
“So this season has to find a way to end it. Whether race is finished. In May or June or extending to September. October, November.”
Palace are in good form before the league ends and they still have a chance to advance to European football, just six points behind fifth-placed Manchester United.
“For our own selfishness, Palace want the season to finish. We are a few points away from Europe and we are safe from relegation. Of course we want to finish the season and see where we end up.”