Yaya Toure vs Paul Pogba: Who’s the better midfield player

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Yaya Toure vs Paul Pogba: Who’s the better midfield player at the peak of his career?

Many of the best players have played at Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium over the years.

Legends include Eric Cantona, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Paul Scholes and Vincent Kompany. One of many world-class players who have played for them.

With Paul Pogba and Yaya Toure on that list.

The two Dynamo midfielders are highly gifted players who have played in Manchester on the Premier League stage for many years, one with a foothold that is still engraved today. while the other could not deny the quality of the footsteps.

But the question is, out of the two best players repoort from UFABET

1. Box-to-Box Midfielder Role

Let’s start with the toughest topic when both Pogba and Toure have the potential to take on such roles. But we let the French national team midfielder from the Red Devils camp to slash dizzy on this topic.

The duo excelled in battling from midfield to front, with Pogba slashing with his superior attacking and defensive qualities.

If considered in detail The Manchester United midfielder has a Recoveries record (counted when an action takes an opponent to end possession of the ball and the team starts possession) at an average of 1.1 times more than Toure per game with the Ivorian midfielder. Re Coast averages 2.8 over-time in the Premier League,

Pogba’s record 86 more aerial victories than Toure, despite playing fewer English league

2. Statistics in the Premier League

When we tackle the most difficult topics, too. We continue with the simplest topic.

Yaya Toure wins overwhelmingly.

The 188cm-tall midfielder has won three Premier League titles with City while Pogba’s Premier League trophy showcase remains

3. Passing the ball

Both Toure and Pogba were outstanding in passing the ball together, but the Red Devils were more precise at passing the ball from distance with precision.

Statistically, Toure averages more passes per game than Pogba in the Premier League, but the World Cup-winning midfielder has already provided more assists for his team-mates. Although he plays in the league less elite than Toure,

4. Score a goal

We are well aware that Pogba has slammed many beautiful goals in his career so far. But when we look at the stats, it is clear that

Toure has scored 20 goals in a single Premier League season in 2013/14,

20 goals from a player in midfield!?

And that’s enough for us to give Toure the winner in this category.