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Demba Ba reveals how important the goal

Demba Ba reveals how important the goal lost in Liverpool’s 2014 title win is important Ex- Chelsea striker Demba Ba has opened up about his goal. Liverpool Football Club in 2014 after Steven Gerjard’s slip caused the Reds to lose the English Premier League football championship. Red Machine at that time compete

Pochettino believes Mbappe is equal

Pochettino believes Mbappe is equal to two of the world’s greatest players. Mauricio Pau Shetland Ottawa coach Paris Saint – Germain veterans of the French Ligue compare the footsteps of Achilles lean M. Bak Giuseppe team PSG and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo joined Manchester United and Lionel Messi Mbappe was born in

Evra was wrong about not speaking.

Evra reveals he was wrong about not speaking to his former Manchester United teammate for 3 months until Fergie had to mediate Patrice Evra, former left-back Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football Evra and Vidic played together for the Red Devils, revealing that he had